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A selection of personal & professional
projects I've done over the years,
solo or with others

SMG Games

As Art Lead at SMG Studio, I was also involved in game design and sound for hit titles including Thumbdrift and One More Line which had over 20 million downloads combined

Sprint RPG

A solo mobile game project to be released soon.
Features unique gameplay and a recognisable art style.
Click to zoomify and/or animate

Pico-8 Projects

Pico-8 is an excellent tool for rapid game prototyping and quick experiments. As a bonus it is creatively gratifying to push against the technical constraints


Tech experiments / prototypes


I took small part in the development of ASEprite, a modern pixel-art tool by David Capello. In addition to helping design the UI and drawing the program's interface, I made these promo assets that showcase some of the features.


For over a decade I've been collaborating with PhotonStorm aka Rich Davey, author of the fantastic Phaser.js html5 engine.

In 2015 we made a book on developing eight complete games using Phaser. While Rich did the writing, I drew the assets for the games, complete with brief explanations of the creative process and considerations. Interphase was a big hit and was well received by the audience

SoundBytes posters

SoundBytes was a long running series of chipmusic events in Melbourne. Here are my favourite picks from the many posters I've done since 2009

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