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A selection of professional & personal
projects I've done over the years,
solo or with others

SMG Games

As Head of Art at SMG Studio, I was also involved in game design and sound for hit titles including Thumbdrift and One More Line which had over 20 million downloads combined

More examples available upon request

Sprint RPG

A personal mobile game to be released soon.
Features unique gameplay and a recognisable art style.
Click to zoomify and/or animate


I took small part in the development of ASEprite, a modern pixel-art tool by David Capello. In addition to helping design the UI and drawing the program's interface, I made these promo assets that showcase some of the features.


For over a decade I've been collaborating with PhotonStorm aka Rich Davey, author of the fantastic Phaser.js html5 engine.

In 2015 we made a book on developing eight complete games using Phaser. While Rich did the writing, I drew the assets for the games, complete with brief explanations of the creative process and considerations. Interphase was a big hit and was well received by the audience

Pico-8 Projects

Pico-8 is an excellent tool for rapid game prototyping and quick experiments. As a bonus it is creatively gratifying to push against the technical constraints


Tech experiments / prototypes

SoundBytes posters

SoundBytes was a long running series of chipmusic events in Melbourne. Here are my favourite picks from the many posters I've done since 2009

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