Ilija Melentijević

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Previous Work

2013-2018Head of Art, SMG Studio
2011-2013Game Artist, Soap Creative
2006-2011Chief Game Designer, Finsoft
2004-2006Texture Artist, Metamorf Games Studio
1995-1996Pixel Artist, clickBOOM Entertainment

Selected Freelance

Pixel art for WayForward Technologies, Capricom Mobile, PhotonStorm, RGCD, Kajot
Illustration for National Geographic Junior
Vector clip art for Microsoft via McMillan & Associates
Promo material design for McDonalds Serbia
Visual identity and motion graphics for Blip Music Festival, Melbourne
Webdesign for ICPS (see accomplishments)
Illustrations for numerous books and magazines


Super One More Jump2018Nintendo Switch, MobileSMGart lead
Vyperspace2018Web, Pico-8iLKkeeverything
Sir Questionnaire2018MobileOrangepixelillustration
Death Squared2017Nintendo Switch, PC, MobileSMGart lead
MicroMurder2017Web, Pico-8Tic Tac Toadart & sound
Spaceman 82017Web, Pico-8Tic Tac Toadart & sound
Caves of Izrod2017Web, Pico-8iLKkeeverything
Matchy Matchy2016Web, Pico-8iLKkeeverything
Pröng2016Web, Pico-8iLKkeeverything
R.I.P. Curl2016Web, Pico-8iLKkeart & sound
Worm Nom Nom2016Web, Pico-8Tic Tac Toadart & sound
RISK: global domination2016MobileSMG / Hasbrolead artist
One More Bounce2016MobileSMGlead artist
Thumb Drift2016MobileSMGlead artist
One More Dash2015MobileSMGlead artist
Avengers Age of Ultron2015WebSMG / Roadshow Entertainmentlead artist
Pan Dimentional Conga Combat2015PC, OuyaRGCDmusic, additional pixel art
One More Line2014Mobile, PCSMGart lead
Lands of Lorez2014WebPhoton Stormpixel art
The Hobbit: Orc Attack2014WebSMG / Roadshow Entertainmentart lead
OTTTD2014Mobile, PCSMGart lead
Lynx Lunar Racer2014MobileSoap Creativeconcept art, textures
Assembloids2013Commodore 64RGCDgame design & art
Gangster Squad2013WebSoap Creative / Roadshow art lead
Get’Em DX2013Commodore 64RGCDall art
Expendables 22013WebSoap Creative / Roadshow art lead
Melon Mango Mayhem2012WebSoap Creativeart lead
Diggin’ Dogs2012MobileSoap Creativeart lead
Chronobot2011WebSoap Creative / Microsoftart lead
Thumbzilla2011MobileSoap Creativeadditional art
Chickaboom2011WebPhoton Stormall art
Mighty Milky Way2011Nintendo DSWayForward Technologiesenvironment pixel art
Quartet2010WebPhoton Stormgame design, art, sound
Cat Atro Phi2010WebPhoton Stormpixel art
Droplets2010WebPhoton Storm / Crazylabelpixel art
Gemini Division 2009MobileCapricom mobile / Sony texture artist
Genesis Rising2007PCMetamorf / Dreamcatcherpixel art
Monsta2002Palm OSIndustry Entertainmentpixel art
Capital Punishment1996Commodore AmigaclickBOOMpixel art


ASEprite 2011-2018PC, Mac, LinuxUI design, pixel artDavid Capello
Klystrack2010-2018PC, LinuxUI design, pixel artTero Lindeman
GraFX2 2007-2013PC, Mac, LinuxUI design, pixel artAdrien Destugues, Yves Rizoud

Key Skills

Traditional drawing & animation
Pixel art & animation 
Vector art & animation
Illustration and concept art
Graphic design, UI & typography
Game-ready 3d modelling, UV mapping & texturing, rigging & animation
Game & Level design
Actionscript, Haxe, Lua 
Fluent English Reading, Writing and Puns


Unity 3D, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, AfterEffects, Premiere
Blender, Autodesk Maya, Modo, Wings 3D
ASEprite, GraFX2, Cosmigo Promotion

Personal Accomplishments

2017TinyTV Game Jam Winner (Caves of Izrod)
2017Interviewed on national TV in Ep 26 of ‘Spawn Point’, ABC
2016Artwork featured in ‘The Masters of Pixel Art, Vol 2’ by Nicepixel Publications 
2016Pröng featured in EDGE magazine
2012Sydney Game Jam finalist, Sydney
2011Monster Art Show group exhibition, Sydney 
2009Rescued a trapped pigeon from plastic bag 
2008Group pixel art exhibition at Platform Artist Group, Melbourne 
2007Solo pixel art exhibition at Beokon Sci-Fi Convention, Belgrade 
2002First prize in Digital Illustration at E-idea international festival of digital art, Belgrade 
1999Best Web Presentation Award from Union of Economic Propagandists of Serbia 
1981Solo drawings exhibition at age 5 in 'Honeybee Kindergarten', Belgrade


Master's Degree in Illustration at the Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade

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